Virginia Cuisine

Every region has their own special cuisine that is made and served there. Virginia is specifically known for 7 types of food:

1. A specific type of ham, called Smithfield ham, was created and is still produced in Virginia. (It is often called Virginia ham)

2. Virginia is known for its barbecue, which is very similar to the barbecue made in North Carolina. Most is vinegar-based with a bit of sweetness.

3. Contrary to some breakfast menus, a traditional Virginia breakfast includes sausage links AND patties.

4. Marble cake was made popular in Rockingham County, Virginia by the Mennonite community and has progressed over the years to become a worldwide desert.

5. A very popular stew that is found only in Virginia is called Brunswick stew. It is a very thick vegetable soup meal that includes a type meat. Originally, the meat included in the soup was the Appalachian flying squirrel, (which is now extinct) but since then the recipe has been changed and includes chicken or beef.

6. Apples are very important to Virginian cuisine, not just for eating plain, but also for making apple butter and cider. Winesap apples are the most common apple that is grown and used for dishes in Virginia.

7. In Virginia Beach, the seafood is a very important part of their economy. The blue crab is one of the most important seafood that is served there in the Chesapeake Bay region.

The food is a super important part of Virginian culture, and it’s quite delicious too.



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