Virginia is For Lovers?

So have you ever wondered why people always say, “Virginia is for lovers”? Well…  this statement isn’t necessarily true and here’s why.

Used since 1969, the phrase “Virginia is for lovers” was created to bring tourism to the state of Virginia from people all over the United States.

The phrase was originally created by a team of advertising professionals that used different ads with pictures of places in Virginia.

These ads were titled things like, “Virginia is for mountain lovers” or “Virginia is for beach lovers” according to whatever picture they attached it with.

It was eventually just shortened to just “Virginia is for Lovers” and saw a lot of success.

This phrase then increased tourism and made Virginia the tenth most popular tourist destination in the United States.

Although this phrase worked for advertising purposes, Virginia is for everyone, not just for lovers. Virginia is for people who love mountains, beaches, and green hills and want them all in a 100 mile radius from their front door.

So, to add to the phrase “Virginia is for lovers”you could say Virginia is not just for lovers… Virginia is for everyone who enjoys looking at beautiful sceneries.



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