Some Things You May Want To Know

Now you may be wondering right about now… Why is this random girl making a blog about Virginia? Well read on and you will find out why.

I grew up in North Carolina, but moved to Virginia when I was 10 years old. Since the day I moved there I loved everything about Virginia. I loved the weather, the people, the scenery, pretty much everything. I lived there until I turned 18, then I decided to go off to college out West.

This seemed like a pretty good idea at first, until I stepped foot off the plane in Antarctica… I mean Idaho. Same difference really.

Living in Idaho has made me appreciate the beauty, weather, and everything Virginia holds in store so much more than ever before. And I want to share that love with everyone else.

So… now that it’s -7 degrees here in Idaho and 64 degreesin Virginia.. I would like to share a picture of my summer in Virginia... on a waterfall… in short sleeves and shorts.


(This picture was taken at White Oak Canyon Falls in Shenandoah National Park… a place you should definitely visit if you ever get the chance. It’s 8 miles out my front door back home.)


3 thoughts on “Some Things You May Want To Know

  1. I to am a transplant to virginia from new jersey in 1990 , I believe it was the best move I ever made, its such a wonderful place to raise a family and I was also lucky to find a new love here when my last wife decided she no longer wanted to be married.

  2. I am a native of Virginia and I love it here. I used to live out west and I’m so happy to have settled in the South.

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